Calgary Window Display – Check out drawings and other window decorations

If you’re in search of a bit of fresh air and family fun this summer, look no further than the Calgary Window Display. From enchanting window decorations such as life-size reindeer cutouts to intricate window

If you’re in search of a bit of fresh air and family fun this summer, look no further than the Calgary Window Display. From enchanting window decorations such as life-size reindeer cutouts to intricate window drawings, this exhibit is sure to bring excitement and enjoyment to your day.

The Calgary Window Display is a free summer-long event which runs from June 15th – August 31st. Every weekend, local artists curate a different window display from local businesses across the city. From brightly coloured paintings to unique-looking sculptures, you won’t want to miss out on these works of art.

What makes the Calgary Window Display even more special is that all of the items on display are created by Calgarian kids. This allows for some truly unique and imaginative works that reflect the city’s culture and diversity. Kids from all backgrounds have the opportunity to showcase their creativity through this amazing event, which is heartwarming to witness.

These thoughtfully composed displays are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, so be sure to check them out while they’re still around. With an ongoing art competition where kids can win prizes for their artwork; there’s plenty of incentive to visit the Calgary Window Display!

Do you live in Calgary? Are you looking for something fun and interesting to do without breaking the bank? Check out the Calgary window displays!

This is an affordable, enjoyable activity that you can do either alone or with friends and family. There are many creative window displays throughout the city that are worth exploring.

You’ll find storefronts with drawings, sculptures, paintings and even custom decorations. Some of these have been up for years, often created by local artists. Each display tells its own unique story which makes exploring them all the more interesting.

Stop by different businesses in your area and discover their window display efforts. You may even be surprised to find a particular business that has a stunning window display! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a road trip to other parts of the city or even to small towns nearby and discover even more creative window displays.

Not only can you view beautiful art and decorations, but you get to appreciate the hard work of local Calgary people. Seeing how much effort they put into creating these displays makes it all the more impressive.

So next time you have some free time, go explore the incredible window displays in Calgary. This is a great way to get out and about, learn more about your community, and support local artists!

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spruce up your windows, check out some of the amazing artwork and decorations on display throughout Calgary. Windows are a great canvas for artists to bring their vision to life and the results are stunning.

From intricate drawings to intricate paper cutouts, Calgary window displays are both eye-catching and unique. Artists can put their creative skills to use by adding bold colors and patterns to give any window a makeover. You can explore different pieces of art, find meaning behind them, or just be in awe of how beautiful they look when arranged together. Some of the artists even use up-cycled materials to make their art installations more sustainable and eco-friendly.

One of the most popular window displays in Calgary is located right downtown where there is a series of drawings created with vibrant colors, simple lines, and detailed images that come alive with movement. The creativity behind this art installation is evident as it brings a sense of liveliness into the street. And if you’re looking for something simpler, you can also find wraparound window displays with decorations ranging from decorative tape lines to 3D effects and other quirky objects.

When it comes to making your home stand out from the rest, having some fun with Calgary window displays is definitely a great option. So head out or tune in online to explore all the creative ways in which windows can enhance your space today!